Gift cards and price list

To paraglide

We get up safely by towing. The flight height can vary between 300 and 1000 meters, depending on the weather.

An experienced and trained tandem pilot takes care of the actual flying and you can focus on admiring the scenery.

You get to experience a genuine feeling of freedom that only birds have experienced before us. If you want, you can also try yourself how it feels to control the paraglider. For daredevils, the pilot can do stunts where you can experience g-forces


Flight school for nestlings

The flight school for nestlings is touring events this summer 2024, offering a first step towards your own wing.

You can meet us at events organized by our partners, where we want to create unforgettable memories and experiences for you!

The price list

Tandem paragliding experience

You get clear instructions, accident insurance and one flight aboard a tandem paraglider, which will be towed by a boat or sled to a height of about 300-1000m.


Paragliding PP1 course

You will get basic information about aviation and paragliding. You will learn the basic control of a paraglider and you will already be able to fly safely at low altitude.


  • 10 hours of theory training

  • 5 low flights 

  • flight equipment for the duration of the course 


Paraglaiding PP2 course

You get more theoretical knowledge and a lot of independent high flights. You need an approved PP1 basic education for the course. 

After completing the PP2 level, you are already an independent paraglider pilot!


  • 15 hours of theory training 

  • 40 flights

PP1 + PP2 courses total €1980


Flight school for nestlings:

Bungee jump for one

Payment is made on the spot within the event or with a gift card.


Bungee jump for two 

Jump with a friend for an unforgettable experience together!


Extreme ventures

You get a guided experience trip abroad to different destinations (Turkey, Spain, Greece, Italy, Austria, France). The price includes accommodation, rides and a paragliding experience flight and/or a guided hike in the mountains. Ask more!

alk. 750€

Husky sledding

You will have a great experience in the beautiful landscapes of Lapland in Saariselkä while riding a dog sled. The duration of the ride is about 1-3 hours. Ask groups for an offer.