The flight school for nestlings is touring events this summer 2024, offering a first step towards your own wing.

You can meet us at events organized by our partners, where we want to create unforgettable memories and experiences for you! 

⚖️ Before bungee jumping, make sure you don't have any medical condition that could prevent you from doing so. If in doubt, check with a healthcare professional.

There is no upper age limit for bungee jumping for a healthy person, and in many cases, mobility restrictions do not prevent jumping if it is otherwise possible and reasonable due to the person's health.

it is possible for us to use body harnesses that distribute the body weight evenly. Notice that tandem jumps are not allowed with body harnesses.

To bungee jump, you must weigh at least 40 kilos and the weight alone or together must not exceed 180 kilos.

12-14 year old only with guardian's consent

Bungee for one 80€

Bungee for two 160€

We will update the 2024 calendar of events when places are confirmed


Will be revealed lateri 7.-8.6.24

Will be revealed later : 14.-15.6.2024

To be confirmed later 20.-22.6.2024

To be confirmed later 27.-29.6.2024.


To be confirmed later: 5.–7.7.2024

To be confirmed later : 11.-13.7.2024

To be confirmed later 24.–27.7.2024


Extreme Fest, Tampere 2.-4.8.2024

Aurafest, Turku 9.-10.8.2024

Will be revealed later 16.-17.8.2024