Tero Tikkanen keeps the flying crowd happy / Photo: Hanna Joosia

Tahko paragliding 

Winter holidays are starting. That's why we're heading our wings towards Tahkoselkä, where we'll give you paragliding experience flights aboard a tandem paraglider (weather permitting) in weeks 8, 9 and 10.

The paraglider is towed into the sky from the ice of the lake, where it is also landed. Be prepared with weather-appropriate gear and a beanie that fits inside the helmet.

Tandem pilots are Tero, Lauri, Kim and Hanna.

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Things to consider when you come to paraglide tandem!

In practice, tandem paragliding is suitable for almost everyone. The minimum age depends on the size of the person, we currently do not have harnesses for children.

as long as you are under 110 kilos and in reasonable mental and physical condition so that you can run a short distance and listen and act according to the instructions given.

At first, we go through the operation of the equipment during the flight. The time in the air depends on the flight altitude and the weather. Be prepared to spend half an hour to an hour on this activity.

please be aware that the weather can change quickly and flights may have to be rescheduled.

Normal outdoor clothes and sturdy outdoor shoes are good for this activity. Your own ski goggles may also be necessary. You can get other protective equipment from us for the duration of the flight.

we take off safely by towing the paragliding wing from the ice of the lake. Flight altitude may vary, depending on the weather. An experienced and trained tandem pilot takes care of the actual flying and you can focus on admiring the scenery. You get to experience a genuine feeling of freedom that only eagles, hawks and other birds have experienced before us. If you want, you can also try yourself how it feels to control the paraglider. For daredevils, the pilot can do stunts where you can experience g-forces.