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Eemeli - Extreemeli

Eemeli Aittokallio is a living example of talent. Finland's pioneer of ACRO (acrobatic) aerobatics. With good positions in the Paragliding World Ranking. Passionate paraglider in every area.

Visionary. Project manager. Trainer. Team feeling.

Eemeli - 040 779 41--


Hanna - MAMANDA_flyer

Hanna started paragliding in 2018, and she is a qualified tandem pilot and active in various aviation associations around Finland. Currently she is also a paragliding hike & fly competitor.

In our team, Hanna works as HR director. Hanna implements e.g. experience trips abroad and is involved in the production of event planning and jump-start services. She is responsible for updating instagram and websites, and manages the planning of events.

Event Coordinator. Executor. Team psychologist.

Hanna - 050 352 0966



Janne - Mr.Nosedive

Janne Hartikainen trains paragliding and paragliding instructors as well as activities in emergency and emergency situations.

At events, Janne operates a tandem paraglider or is a jump master at the flight school for nestlings.

Janne also takes care of making tiktok videos. The peacemaker of the team. Implementer. Trainer.

Janne - 040 350 55--


Risto is busy with events and the workshop. He builds and repairs our equipment. There is rarely anything to restore when he is around. In particular, he controls everything regarding the flight school for nestlings. Risto can also easily create website updates and has other marketing know-how.

Team's everywhere producer-director-executive.

Risto - 045 343 06--



Sakri Jämsä is our "engineer pilot", a technological prodigy, a skilled tugboat operator and a confident pilot.

Implementer. Promoter of systematization. Master of construction. The brains of the team.

Sakri - 040 848 10--


Elämysisäntä Tikkanen

Tero has been paragliding passionately for over 18 years. He works as a trainer and the team's host. Tero has gifts for creating experiences with his multi-instruments. An uninhibited ideator. The heart of the team.

Tero - 045 318 23--


Tommi - Pehmismestari

Tommi lifts, builds, acquires and maintains. Without him, there would be no gig, no work and no entries in the calendar. Behind the name is a man who does not give up in negotiations and solves situations in which many others would lose faith


Taru - Taardzan 

Taru Laitinen is a master in Brazilian jujutsu. She takes care of harnessing jumpers and pilots. This swimming teacher, who attended a sports college, also supervises the safety of activities in the water.

In winter, Taru is responsible for the welfare of the animals in Lapland's safari operations.

A master of empathy.


Hilla K.

Hilla maintains discipline and order at the flight school for nestlings, and we dare to say that she has made it the safest in Finland by her own example.

Hilla is responsible for the quality of the service and takes care of the staff's meals, breaks and energy on the field.

Team effectiveness.



Perttu Tuomaala is the newest member of the team, who takes care of many kinds of virtual experiences.

Perttu works under the name DJpreal as a DJ at company parties or sauna evenings. He organizes karaoke and artists.

Perttu is our party master.

046 562 12--


Kim Tam

Kim has started paragliding in 2012. Kim is a confident and safe tandem pilot and paragliding training manager.

Lauri started paragliding in 2017 and is a very passionate enthusiast. Qualified tandem pilot and trainer. he does trick flights and travels around the world paragliding in different destinations.


Joel Aikio - Seriffi

"Joel creates unforgettable experiences in the tourist centers and wilderness areas of Northern Lapland. There are few dog guides of this level."

"Joel is a master in raising and training dogs and loves each individual and takes care of their well-being. Joel knows the best and most exciting routes in Lapland." -Tero



Anssi Vartioniemi

Anssi is an experienced security professional who makes sure that everything is double and triple checked on the field. This man leaves no lock open.


Jani - Lapinketku

Jani takes care of our financial and legal matters. Many projects require clarification and Jani solves them so that others can focus on doing.




Iiroi s a doctor of technology, an experienced project manager and has coordinated events with world-class companies. Iiro is involved in guiding the activities at the Tampere extreme festival.

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